Looking for something unique? As well as standard entry we also have the following options when visiting the park!

All of these tours are by arrangement and booking is essential. Please make a booking enquiry for details.

Personalised Guided Tour

Spend a day with the wildlife

Baby Animal Encounter


Devil Encounter


Meerkat Encounter


Koala Encounter


Snake Encounter

Marmoset Encounter

Wombat Encounter

Guided tour 3.JPG

Personalised Guided Tour

For the ultimate wildlife experience, take our informative guided tour for an interactive talk and hands-on experience with Tasmanian wildlife.

Includes a meet and greet with the following wildlife:

  • Tasmanian devil – dare to meet and pat the iconic Tasmanian devil up close

  • Koala – give Lottie a pat and feel the texture of her fur

  • Wombat – meet Roxy and give her a pat during your private encounter

  • Kangaroos – mingle with and feed our friendly kangaroos

  • Trout – feed the trout and prepare to be splashed!

Also see juvenile wildlife that we may be rearing at the time, as well as younger wildlife that is kept off display from normal public viewing.

Using your camera, take as many photos as you like to remember this amazing experience, and once your guided tour is complete you are free to wander at your leisure throughout the park for the remainder of your visit.

  • Includes a souvenir to remember your experience.

  • Ask about adding on a meerkat or marmoset encounter at a discounted price

Winter Nocturnal Tours

Nocturnal tours during the winter months. We have nocturnal animals that sleep during the day and become active at night. This tour includes an interactive, hands-on, exciting experience. Finish the night off with a muffin and hot drink by the fire.

Interested in Guided Tours for groups?


  • Pat a devil, koala and wombat
  • Access to young wildlife off limits to public
  • Souvenir included

Baby Animal enc 1.JPG

Baby Animal SNUGGLE-fest

Perfect for the little ones or those that love a cuteness overload! Pat, hold and cuddle a bunny and giggle with a guinea pig. If we have any baby ducklings or chickens at the time you can meet them too. Take as many photos as you like with your own camera. 

Devil enc..jpg

Don’t be shy… dare to meet a Tasmanian Devil up close!

Did you know at Wing’s Wildlife Park you can get up close, snuggle and pat a Tasmanian devil!

You can meet one-on-one with one of our Tasmanian devil babies and wildlife keeper, learning important facts, asking questions and creating the perfect opportunity to snap numerous photos with the baby Tasmanian devil. 

The Tasmanian devil is a part of Tasmania’s native wildlife family and what better place to meet one than while visiting Wing’s Wildlife Park in Tasmania.

You will also receive a special souvenir keepsake to remember your amazing experience!

Koala Encounter.jpg

Get to know Lottie the Koala

Snuggle up to Lottie our female koala and learn interesting facts from our wildlife keeper while giving her a pat and feeling the texture of her fur.  Make sure you ask about our ongoing quest to find a love interest for Lottie!

While she may not be native to Tasmania, we love that she is part of the family here at Wing’s Wildlife Park.

Lottie loves to pose for the camera, so make sure you get up close for that perfect photo opportunity.

You will also receive a special souvenir keepsake to remember your amazing experience!

Marmoset enc 4.jpg

Meet and Feed the Marmosets

Go behind the scenes and into our cheeky little marmoset’s enclosure. These active little monkeys are full of energy and will jump all over your lap and shoulders.

You will get the opportunity to hand feed them and our keepers will be more than happy to take photos on your camera while your hands are full!

Meerkat enc 2.jpg

Mingle with the Meerkats

Meet our meerkat family all the way from Africa.

There is lots of fun to be had during this encounter where you get to go into their playroom. Offer them some food and wait for the fun to begin!

Our knowledgeable keepers will be able to answer any questions and take numerous photos for you on your camera.

snake crop.jpg

sssnake encounter?

come on, we dare you!

Meet our Jungle python and feel the texture of its skin as it slides through your hands in this encounter that will last approximately 10 minutes.

Make sure that you take numerous photos as proof of your bravery, and take the opportunity to ask our experienced keepers many questions.

Colin with wombat.jpg

meet and GREET roxy the Wombat

You may have seen wombats out and about on your travels around Tasmania – how about experiencing one up close at Wing’s Wildlife Park?

During your wombat encounter you will be able to pat, touch and take numerous photos with Roxy. This experience will last for approximately 10 minutes so take the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

You will also receive a special souvenir keepsake to remember your amazing experience!