“What are you doing?” Kosi really wants to know!

Kosi joined us 2 years ago after being hand-raised and donated to our Park as a 7 year old Gang-gang cockatoo.

He fits right in to our “gang”, is very inquisitive and loves to talk with his most common phrases being “hello” and “what are you doing”.

After forming a special bond with his previous owner Irene, Kosi loves it when she visits him at the park from time to time.  We hear that during his years with Irene, Kosi was rather partial to a biscuit and cup of tea!

Native to south-eastern Australia, these beautiful birds can live for 50 years and feed mainly on seeds of trees and shrubs, with a preference for eucalypts and wattles. They will also eat berries, fruits, nuts and insects.

The males have a red head and crest while the females have a grey head with orange bars down the body.

📸 Digital Wordsmith