Beefalo more unique than realised

Wing’s Wildlife Park’s Beefalo story has reached far and wide and we were thrilled to hear from Paul, all the way from Cheyenne, Wyoming (rodeo country) in the United States.  Paul has been a breeder of Beefalo and Bison Hybrids for almost 40 years and has given some great insight into our newest addition which he believes to be especially unique.

 Gena Cantwell (Wildlife Park Manager)


Of our Beefalo’s general appearance, Paul says:

 “I don’t think Colin realises how special, unique and productive this heifer could be…..”

 “Referred to as an F1 Bison Hybrid, your Beefalo is the result of a first cross between bison and bovine.  Her phenotype (appearance) is more toward the bovine side (technical term bovine phenotype F1) and while not a completely rare occurrence, bovine phenotype F1’s are more rare than the standard F1 more bison phenotypes”. 

 “The more bison type haircoat of your Beefalo is unlike any other that I have seen.  That makes your heifer especially interesting and somewhat unusual.  It will also be interesting to see if she passes this type haircoat on to her progeny”.

 And in regards to future breeding and beef production…..

“The good news is these bovine phenotype F1’s are usually very fertile good breeders, more so than the standard F1’s.  This means that your heifer should breed up fine and produce good offspring, even bulls that are fertile……as always with cattle breeding, time will tell”.

 “In terms of producing great beef, she should excel above any other cow in the herd.  I would also expect her to hold her condition well and be highly adapted”.

 Paul D Butler, Livestock Research Innovation, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Photos supplied by Paul D Butler - interesting to see the contrast of farming land in Cheyanne, Wyoming compared to Gunns Plains, Tasmania