Enjoy an amazing experience with our meerkats.

There are some experiences in life that just bring tears to your eyes, and meeting the meerkats up close at Wing’s Wildlife Park is one of those experiences.

The meerkats are so energetic and active. They run all over you and even climb up onto your head making the moment so much more memorable and there are plenty of perfect photo opportunities. To feel their little feet touch your hands…..oooooh, it’s just amazing.

Feeding them little treats while you are sitting in with them is so exciting, the food doesn’t last long as they snap it all up in a hurry… so as excited as you are being in there with them… try and space out the food. They are so busy. Whilst some will allow you to have a quick pat and then run off, others will sit quietly on your lap just for a moment.

They have a cute little barking noise that they will make to bid for your attention. They are certainly very welcoming to have you in their enclosure.

It’s such a unique and fun experience!

Meerkat encounters can be booked when you arrive at reception. However there is a limited number of encounters available each day, so it’s best to phone ahead of your visit and book, especially during peak periods (school holidays, long weekends, summer & public holidays).

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