Trout, Tiger

Salmo trutta x Salvelinus fontinalis

Salmo trutta x Salvelinus fontinalis

Bred as a display fish and novelty species at the Salmon Ponds Hatchery, the Tiger trout has a green mottled back with distinctive tiger- like bands. Occasionally released into a few waters, eg. the Pet Dam, Lake Dulverton and Pawleena Lagoon. In size and shape, it is similar to brown trout, growing up to 10kg and 900 mm but commonly 500 gram to a kilogram.


A sterile hybrid so therefore does not breed. Produced from crossing female brown trout (eggs) with male brook trout (milt).


Newly emerged fry may school up in slow shallow water along stream edges or backwaters. Adults prefer cool well aerated water with adequate cover and shelter.


They feed on a wide variety of animals including crustaceans, molluscs, both aquatic and terrestrial insects and small fishes.


An IFS Recreational Angling licence is needed to take tiger trout. Licences can be purchased from more than 130 agents located in retail businesses around the state. Licensing agents are primarily fishing stores but also include most trout guides, Service Tasmania outlets and the IFS head office. Specific fishing regulations for bag and size limits, and fishing technique (bait, lure or fly) may vary between waters.