Scottish Highland Cattle

Bos Taurus

Bos Taurus

Originated from the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland and is bred mainly for its meat.  It has a long wavy coat, which helps protect it from the cold weather, and long curved horns.

Colours vary from black, brindle, red and tan.  It’s not required to shear Highlands as it loses it’s coat during Spring.  Bulls can weigh around 800kg and height around 106 - 120cm.  Life span is around 20 years.  

Highland cattle are now found in Europe, North America and Australia as it can adapt to all kind of terrains.


Mating is throughout the year.  Gestation is around 277 - 290 days.


It lives in herds on mountains and wet grasslands. It uses it’s horns to dig through the snow for food as well as to fight off predators and other male highlands. Top running speed is around 25km.


Scottish Highland are herbivores and graze on steep mountains and eat plants that other cattle will avoid.


Least concern.

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