Green Rosella

Platycercus calendonicus

Platycercus calendonicus

A dark rosella that is endemic to Tasmania. Upperparts are dark mottled green, its head bright yellow with blue cheek patch and red forehead band. Shoulder and leading edge of the wing are blue, underparts are yellow. The female is smaller and duller than the male. It occurs throughout a wide range of forest types, from the mountains to the coast and also on the Bass Strait Islands.


Breeding occurs during spring and summer, and 4-8 white eggs are laid in tree hollow, nesting on decayed wood debris.


It is usually seen in pairs or small flocks, although larger flocks tend to form in autumn and winter. Its flight is strong and direct, sometimes very high. Its preferred habitats range from dense mountain forests to lightly timbered farming country, timber along rivers, briar-scrub and roadside hawthorn hedge, crops, orchards and gardens.


Although its diet consists largely of seeds, it also feeds on fruits and berries. It often comes to the ground to feed.