Dwarf Lop Rabbits

dwarf lof.jpg

Dwarf lops have been available in Australia since 1998 and were developed by introducing the dwarf gene to the French Lop rabbit. As the name suggests, they get their name from the dwarfed size and characteristic ears which are extremely long and wide and hang either side of the head.

Dwarf lops may weigh up to 2.5 kg and have a dense and soft coat and drooping ears. They are born with upright ears which soften and droop as they age.

There are over 40 different colours and patterns in the mini and dwarf lops worldwide, however not all of these are available in Australia.

Lifespan 9 – 10 years.


Dwarf lops may have between 3 to 7 babies per litter and could produce 50 kittens annually.  Sexual maturity is reached from 6 months of age and gestation is 31 days.


If introduced properly, most rabbits get along fine with other pets, such as guinea pigs. Dwarf lops were developed with the intention of creating a rabbit which was suitable for handling by children.


Hay and stray supplemented daily with pellets and weekly offerings of vegetables such as cauliflower, parsley, spinach, corn on the cob and carrots.  Fresh water should always be available and enclosures on grass should be moved daily.

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