Bourke Parrot

Neopsephotus bourkii

This parrot is 19-22cm in length and pastel pink in colour with darker wings tending to have a blue tinge. This unusual colour does give them good camouflage in the central Australian arid areas they occupy which consist of red sands etc.


Breeding occurs from July to November generally after good rains. The female will lay 3-6 eggs in a hollow log; the incubation period is up to 19 days. Chicks are fully fledged at 4-6 weeks and then leave the nest.


This is a nomadic bird moving through the interior of Australia. Large flocks will, therefore, move to areas which suit them largely depending on seasonal factors and availability of food and water. Birds can be seen flying swiftly low to the ground.


This parrot feeds on grasses and native seeds in the arid areas it inhabits.


Common, but variable within their range due to their nomadic nature.