Black Currawong

Strepera fuliginosa

The Black Currawong, also known locally as the Black Jay, is a medium-sized songbird native to Australia. It is about 45cm long and has all black plumage except for a small white patch in the wing and a white-tipped tail. A very distinctive bright yellow eye makes this species easy to identify from similar birds.


Like all Currawongs, it builds a large cup-nest out of sticks, lined with softer material, and placed in a tall tree. 2-4 eggs are laid in the nest.


The Black Currawong is confined and endemic to temperate forests of Tasmania and two islands in Bass Strait. It can become very tame, much like its close relative, the Pied Currawong on the Australian mainland. These birds congergrate in large flocks particularly in the early spring and autumn. At this time they move out of the forests into open lowland areas and become more obvious. During other periods of the year they disperse back into thicker highland forested areas.


The Currawong is omnivorous, feeding on small birds, reptiles, carrion, berries and orchard fruit.