Bandicoot, Southern Brown

Isoodon obesulus

Isoodon obesulus

The southern brown bandicoot is easily distinguished from the eastern barred bandicoot as its fur is a relatively uniform, grizzled, dark brown and rather coarse to touch.  Its muzzle, ears and hind feet are shorter than those of the eastern barred bandicoot, and its tail is dark brown in colour.


Breeding occurs from winter through to the end of summer.  Gestation is 12 days.  Average litter size is 1-4, with old females usually producing larger litters.  Three litters may be reared each year.


Nocturnal and solitary.  When foraging for food, it digs characteristic conical holes with its well-clawed feet.  Life span is 3 years.


Consists of insects and their larvae, underground fungi, worms, lizards and berries.


Relatively common in suitable habitat and appears secure.  It is wholly protected.