Alpacas are a South American relative of the camel.  There are no wild alpacas; they were bred down in domesticated form from the vicuna, which is also native to South America.

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American Bison

Bison were the most numerous single species of large wild mammal on Earth. Some references state that the Bison is the largest living terrestrial mammal on the planet.

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Australian King Parrot

King-Parrots are usually found in humid and heavily forested upland regions of the eastern portion of the continent, including eucalyptus wooded areas in and directly adjacent to subtropical and temperate rainforest.

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Bandicoot, Eastern Barred

Although they are still common in some parts of Tasmania, the eastern barred bandicoot is now extinct in South Australia and ‘critically endangered’ in Victoria, where the population has been reduced to just 200 individuals.

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