In the wild, only the fit have the chance to survive…
at Wing’s Wildlife Park, everyone has a chance.

Wings is a family owned business spanning seven generations. Colin and Megan Wing are the fifth generation, with four generations currently helping care for and educate people on wildlife.

Explore our family owned business and unique story consisting of seven generations living and farming within the Gunns Plains community.

Colin and Megan Wing are the fifth generation, founding the Park in 1986. Today we offer the largest wildlife/animal park with accommodation and display the largest collection of Tasmanian wildlife in Australia.

We are the first park to import American bison in Tasmania. Our displays include an aquatic section where you can view Brook trout, Brown trout and Rainbow trout (including albino rainbow trout) and Atlantic salmon and a freshwater crayfish. Be sure not to miss meeting our selection of exotic animals when you next visit!